JSGallery2_flickr example page

This an example for the JSGallery2_flickr script. It is an extension to the dynamic JSGallery2, which uses the mootools framework (version 1.2). It includes the FlickrAPI by Neil Jenkins. Of course, it is totally free to use (GPL)! (Although you may consider making a donation)
You can very easily create a nice, dynamic gallery with a particular HTML structure and one simple js call. (see below)
This script was made by A+media and can be downloaded on eSteak.net

You need one container for your pages and one for the big image - thats it! For further configuration, please look at the JSGallery2 documentation.

Here is the JS call for the example gallery:

myGallery = new JSGallery2_flickr('104772e7d715d4e70aafc88e12851b1a', 	//your API key
				{method: 'flickr.photos.search',	//flickr options 
				 text: 'dresden hdr',			//see http://www.flickr.com/services/api/ 
				 per_page: 25
				$('bigImage'), 				//the big image
				$('pageContainer'),			//container which contains the pages
				 9,					//the amount of images per page
				{'prevHandle': $('prev'),		//previous page link 
				 'nextHandle': $('next'), 		//next page link
				 'loadingImage': 'loading.gif'		//loading image for thumbnails

Download on eSteak.net