Jul 28
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Da sehe ich doch heute gleich zwei größere Artikel über MooTools, Plugins, Tutorials und so weiter, und dann finde ich bei keinem einen Link zu meiner Seite. Wirklich schade, ich würde mir etwas mehr Interesse wünschen. Zumal in beiden Posts erwähnt wird, dass es gegenüber jquery ein klarer Nachteil ist kein einheitliches Plugin-Verzeichnis zu haben. Aber scheinbar möchten die MooTools-„Macher“ nicht, dass jemand esteak benutzt – anders kann ich mir das Fehlen jeglichen Verweises jedenfalls nicht erklären.

3 Antworten zu “esteak.net leider immer noch nicht bekannt genug”

  1. Ryan Rampersad sagt:

    A lot of people have waiting for a plugin repository. eSteak, which I just learned about is pretty amazing. I love how it handles the dependencies automatically. It even makes sure I don’t mix version incompatible plugins. That’s pretty neat.

    Once more plugins are in eSteak, I’m sure there will be most interest. I look forward to seeing more from eSteak in the future.

    Have a good one!

  2. Aaron Newton sagt:

    We just tweeted eSteak on @mootools (http://twitter.com/mootools/status/2902439163). It’s not that we don’t want to support eSteak, but we do have specific community plans of our own. Expect some action on this topic this fall.

  3. anonymous sagt:

    Hey, I think it is great that you are providing this service. I have grown to really like mootools over the last while, but I have noticed something about the developers during my time of developing with it. They have a definate idea of where they would like it to go and seem fairly resistant to outside influences.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the case with this website. I can’t say I am totally surprised by this though. I tend to be a developer who reinvents the wheel just to say I could program something even if another is already out there. Unfortunately I have come to the realization that this line of thought restricts growth.

    Hopefully, even if the mootools guys are planning their own plugin option, that they will provide a little more official reognition for esteak.

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