Aug 11
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Ich versteh’s einfach nicht! Da müht man sich ab und programmiert etwas, was einer Community fehlt und bekommt dafür fast keine Beachtung. Trotzdem laden jede Menge Leute Scripts von herunter – 6000 Zugriffe pro Monat.

Nach diesem doch etwas ernüchternden Fazit meiner Bestrebungen etwas zur MooTools-Community beizutragen, muss ich dann auch noch sowas lesen. Sorry, aber dafür fehlt mir dann doch einfach das Verständnis. Ich denke, ich werde die Seite in naher Zukunft lieber für andere Frameworks öffnen, denn die Bereitschaft der MooTools-Community eine fertige Seite anzunehmen ist gleich Null. Vielleicht ist das bei den anderen Entwicklern ja nicht so krass…

3 Antworten zu “Ich versteh’s nicht”

  1. luis sagt:

    Hi, congratulations on your work, it must really have been a lot.

    I think that with so much hits, downloads and users, you are one of the persons keeping the mootools comunity alive. Congratulations again.

    I encourage you to talk to the developers of mootools (the ones trying to create what you got going in eSteak) and inform them of your availability and interest in participating in this plugin gathering mission.

    I think that maybe they are very busy building a better mootools, removing bugs, reading and writing posts, writting comprehensive documentation and so on… they may have „seen“ your effort and maybe they thought „good, someone adhering to our movement“ and moved on to the next topic in their busy agenda.

    If they showed, with their post that they’re interested in having an official clone of eSteak… maybe you are the ideal person to join them and manage or help them acheive their new goal.

    You seem to be a team player and seem willing to cooperate, so present yourself in an explicit and humble manner, and if their community sensible persons, the whole comunity may benefit as well as the mootools brand.

    Keep up, and see that post as an oportunity and sign of confluence of interests instead of an deliberate act designed to pis you off.

    Cheers! Moo!

  2. Grundi sagt:

    Thanks for your comment.

    I get your ideas and your feelings about the community, but let me tell you mine:

    I already talked to the members of the community several times. I wrote emails, forum postings, google groups messages and blog comments – with no impact. I know that they are very busy, but it would have been very nice to at least get a response… anyway.

    You are right, I am willing to cooperate, but not to create another „official“ esteak! I put a lot of effort in this and I offered it to the community for free. So why create another something and not use this one?! It’s like telling the Mozilla people that they did a great job and ask them to do exact the same for another browser like Camino or something.

    I think each project has to have its members and supporters. The mootools guys developped the core and so on and I developed esteak, so why not use the results of those free projects? They could promote esteak and tell everybody it’s a good solution and upload some things themselves. So there would be no need to sit down again and create something which is already there just to make it a little more „official“. I do promote mootools on all my example pages, blog, esteak and everywhere instead of building my own version out of it, so why make it more difficult?

    They could save a lot of work and spend the time on the core as you said, but if they don’t like, it’s not my problem.

    Again: is free for everyone and dedicated to mootools, so use it if you like or just don’t – your decision.

  3. Aaron sagt:

    Can you drop me an email directly?

    -aaron (of clientcide)

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