Feb 21
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I am currently working on a small project and I decided to use symfony, because this framework has some good features. I follow the given tutorial to come to the 15th day today, the unit test day. Symfony uses an own „Framework“ (it’s 1 file) called lime. Sadly the whole testfile looks very weird and not really useable. As I used ASUnit and PHPUnit several times in the past, I think this is quite lame.

Anyway. I quickly found a PHPUnit plugin for symfony on the plugins page which might be able to integrate PHPUnit into symfony. I say might because I didn’t manage to get it to work. More precisly, I failed to install it. Now I contacted the author, I hope he is able to help me.

I just wanted to mention that symfony as a whole could not be the last word on the subject, because today it got, after 14 days of positive ratings, two minuses at once: 1) lime instead of PHPUnit and 2) an installation guide for an extension that does not work at all (how can this survive in a wiki, doesn’t anybody test it?!).

If there is an update and I get ot to work, I will post the solution here. If, in the meantime, anybody asks why I failed althoug he succeeded, I would appreciate to get hint.

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